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We provide a wide range of veterinary physiotherapy services, including detailed assessments and individualised treatments, all focused on ensuring your pet receives the best possible care.

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Treatment options available for any animal

We are qualified to treat any animal that is deemed appropriate by a veterinarian however we mainly work with horses, dogs and cats with occasional farm animals thrown in.

Full assessment of joint ROM

When looking at your pet I will check their joint Range of Motion ('ROM') by passively moving their neck, limbs and tail looking to see how far they can move and how quality the movement is comparing one side to the other. I can also use reflexes to check how flexible their back is.

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Soft tissue palpation

Every time I assess your animal I will methodically palpate all accessible soft tissues from their head to toe normally starting at the pole feeling across joint lines and over muscles, fascia, ligaments and tendons to identify issues.

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Gait assessment

For horses, we assess your horses gait for asymmetries and lameness both in-hand, on the lunge and if required under saddle allowing the assessment of transitions and bend. In smaller animals such as dogs and cats we assess gait on- and off-lead and movement when following commands such as ‘sit’ or ‘lie’.

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Soft tissue massage

Soft tissue massage can be used to relax muscular tightness, stiffness and spasm, increase flexibility, increase blood circulation as well as aiding the removal of waste products from muscles.

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Manual therapy/ mobilisations

When injury, disuse or overuse cause joints to become tight and painful, joint mobilisations help to restore optimum movement. Mobilisations include passive (the therapist causing) physiological movement (joint movements that could be achieved by the animal) and passive accessory movements (joint movements that could not be performed by the animal).

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Myofascial release

A type of soft tissue massage that aims to stretch and loosen movement restrictions in fascia (thin connective tissue found over muscles) to restore motion.

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Low level laser therapy (LLLT)

LLLT red and near infrared light that is applied over wounds, lesions or injuries to reduce inflammation, improve soft tissue healing and give relief for both acute and chronic pain.

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Electrotherapy tens/ muscles stimulation

An electrical muscle stimulator can be used in the initial stage of rehabilitation to strengthen muscles. A Tens machine can be used to temporarily reduce pain.

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Stretches can increase movement and performance as well as reducing pain. Specific stretches that challenge the animals balance can help strengthen core stability muscles (similar to pilates)

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Home exercise programme

A home exercise programme can be provided that will allow you to continue with your animal’s rehabilitation between treatment sessions.

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Detailed history

At the initial assessment a detailed history will be taken to allow the physiotherapist to have a full understanding of your pet, their environment, diet, exercise regime and any issues they are experiencing.

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Liaise with your veterinarian

We will liaise with your vet to ensure your pet receives the very best possible care and any contraindications to treatment are outlined.

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And lots more...

This list of services covers the most common services that we are asked to provide customers, but if you have a specific requirement not listed there is a good chance that our team are still able to offer it. Let us know what you are looking for and we'll be happy to let you know if we can be of service or point you in the direction of one of our partners who can.

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