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Helping horses, dogs & cats live happy, healthy lives

Atlantic Veterinary Physiotherapy provides physiotherapy assessment and treatment for horses and small animals in Northern Ireland. Based in Coleraine, AVP covers mainly the North of NI and is run by Lynsey a ACPAT category A Veterinary Physiotherapist.

The AVP team work closely with vets, owners, trainers and other professionals to provide a holistic assessment and treatment for animals such as dogs and horses. Physiotherapy is an essential adjunct to conventional veterinary medicine and can be beneficial for pets and competition animals alike.

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Your pet is in safe hands with our professionally qualified veterinary physiotherapists

At Atlantic Veterinary Physiotherapy, we take the health and wellbeing of your animals seriously which is why we insist that all of our physios are ACPAT Category A certified.

What 'ACPAT Category A' is, and why it is important for your animals

ACPAT (Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy) Category A certified means that each of our physiotherapists spent a minimum of 5 years training, with 3 years of human physiotherapy, and an additional 2 years training specialising in animal physiotherapy.

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